On Friday night, December 16, 2011 NECW debuted to a rowdy standing room only crowd in Blackstone, MA at the Millerville Men’s Club.

“The Statement” Elia Markopolis defeated “Sugar” Shay

A great opening contest between two young lions hungry for a victory in NECW. Shay really impressed a lot of people with some flashy offense and great agility for his size. Ultimately, he succumbed to The Statement’s vicious DDT finisher.

Sean Burke defeated Johnny Thunder

The veteran competitor Johnny Thunder took it right to Burke in his NECW debut.  They battled back and fourth with the fans clearly behind Burke.  Thunder brought Burke his toughest challenge to date, but in the end, Sean Burke got the 1-2-3 and ends the year with his undefeated streak intact.

Local celebrity Tank the Tank was out next to say hello to the fans and thank them for coming. He was in the middle of discussing the main event with ring announcer Chris Norman, when Sean Gorman & Brian Fury approached the ring. Gorman proceeded to insult Tank, which nearly incited the crowd to charge the ring.  Tank cut Gorman off mid-rant and informed Gorman that he will allow all his insults now, “but tonight during the main event I will have my chance to shut your mouth, because I am the special guest ringside enforcer!”. Gorman and Fury were not happy with this, but the fans definitely approved.

The Logan Brothers defeated Chase Delmonte & Brandon Locke

The former two time NECW Tag Team Champions, Matt & Bryan Logan returned to the promotion with one big challenge in front of them in the form of former NECW Heavyweight Champion, “The Real Deal” Brandon Locke and former NECW Tag Team Champion, Chase Del Monte.  From bell to bell, this was an all action contest with both teams using double team moves and working very fluidly. The Logan’s got the upper hand in the end, capitalizing on a miscommunication between Locke and Del Monte allowing the Logan’s to secure the victory.

World Women’s Wrestling Championship Match: WWW Champion Alexxis Navaeh defeated Adrianna

This was another hard hitting contest featuring two of the toughest woman competitors in the country. This match featured a little brawling, a lot of quickness and really excited the crowd. Alexxis ended up coming out on top after a very hard back and forth battle. These two are definitely not done with one another.

Non-Title Champion’s Challenge Match: NECW Champion Bobby Fish defeated NECW Tag Team Champion Brian Fury w/Sean Gorman

While no championships were at stake in this match up, you wouldn’t know it from the level of intensity each man displayed.  These two brought everything they had, and the crowd was rabid throughout. Sean Gorman kept sticking his nose into thiscontest, which got the fans riled up and eventually was stopped by Tank The Tank, the special outside enforcer. As Tank was chasing Sean Gorman around ringside, Brian Fury took the chance to sneak up behind Tank and level him with a huge forearm.  Once back into the ring, Fury appeared to have the upper hand, ready to secure a victory over the champion.  However, Fish dug down and fought back, winning with an amazing spin kick he calls the “Sleeps with The Fishes.” After the match, Bobby was handed his title belt by Tank The Tank only to have Sean Gorman steal it from him.  Fish caught Gorman and to the delight of the fans, Tank got his hands on Gorman and gave him a Tank style stunner to end the night, sending the fans home delighted.