New England Championship Wrestling made a triumphant return to Blackstone in front of another great crowd for its final event of 2012, UNWRAPPED.

In the opener, Nick Farenheight scored a victory over the debuting Mike Webb in an excellent action-packed bout.  Both men shook hands at the end of the bout in a nice showing of mutual respect.

NECW Tag Team Champions, Da House Party returned to action, retaining their titles in a great, crowd pleasing match with the up and coming duo of “Superstar” Scotty Slade and “The Shure Thing” Mark Shurman.  After the bout, “Mr. Fabulous” Tony Ulysses had confrontation with Cooley-K near the entrance way, while “Playboy” Jimmy James ran into the ring through the audience and delivered a vicious attack on K-MC, leaving him laying in the middle of the ring.

World Women’s Wrestling Champion, Alexxis Neveah got a measure of revenge beating Adrianna in a long-awaited taped fist match.  Adrianna, who has trained as a boxer with some amateur bouts to her credit, kept trying to set up the champion for a big knockout blow.  While shots to the body proved somewhat effective, Alexxis hung on.  Worn down on the outside, Adrianna wound up for a big haymaker, but Alexxis dropped down and Adrianna struck the steel ringpost instead, injuring her hand.  Alexxis worked on the hand and arm, finally putting down Adrianna for the 1-2-3.

Jeremy Prophet scored the win via count out over the returning “Royalty” William King.  The battle went back and forth until Prophet started gaining momentum.  Just when King was being set up for the 450 splash, he rolled out of the ring and just walked to the back, taking the count out.

In the big six man tag team main event, it was the team of NECW Heavyweight Champion, Sean Burke, “The Boston Bad Boy” Jason Rumble and Blackstone’s own Tank The Tank getting the victory over The Crown Jewels represented by “Mr. Fabulous” Tony Ulysses, “Playboy” Jimmy James and Johnny Thunder.  Cooley-K of Da House Party came out for revenge on Jimmy James, pulling him down off the apron, Burke and Thunder fought on the outside while Jason Rumble was down.  This left Tank with Mr. Fabulous.  Tank attacked with fists in the corner followed by an avalanche splash, sending “Mr. Fabulous” to the canvas and allowing Tank to score the pinfall taking the victory for his team.

NECW returns to live action on Friday night, January 4 in Randolph, MA for New Year’s Evolution.