New England Championship Wrestling presented it’s 2nd Annual NECW Tag Team Classic on Saturday night, September 11th, 2010 at National Guard Armory in Quincy, MA in front of a very enthusiastic and energetic crowd.

In opening round tournament action, the night kicked off with The Prestige (Ryan “H2O” Waters & Matt Magnum) taking on former multi-time NECW Tag Team Champions, The Logan Brothers.  The Logans managed to prevail in one of the strongest bouts of the night.  Even in defeat, The Prestige showed great competitiveness in the opener.

In the 2nd opening round bout, Chicago’s Hellfire Symphony (The Great Malaki & Xavier DeFaust with The Great Cheyenne) faced last year’s finalists The Red Devil Fight Team (Mikhail Ivanov (former NECW Heavyweight Champion, Michael Sain) & Aleksander Chekov).  The Russian duo took the fall over convincingly over the strange combination of Malaki & DeFaust.

The 3rd opening round bout was an intriguing contest as two of NECW’s more unpopular combinations collided.  The G3 Network (“Gorgeous” Gino Giovanni & “Sensational” Scott Levesque with Sammi Lane) faced off against “The Talent” T.J Richter & Mr. Mini-roe with Mr. Munroe in their corner.

With Mr. Munroe relegated to the sidelines due to injury, Richter teamed with Mr. Mini-roe.  As the match progressed, an unexpected thing happened, Richter & Mini-roe began winning the cheers of the Quincy crowd.  The G3 Network managed to steal the win, thanks to the interference of Sammi Lane.  But when the match was over Richter and Mini-roe were given a heroes reception from the crowd.

In the final first round match up, “Da Hoodz” (NECW Television Champion “The Heat” Kris Pyro & “The Hilite” Davey Cash) were scheduled to face former NECW Tag Team Champions, The All-Knighters.  However, out came the duo of “The Prince of Pink” Brendan Michael Thomas and “Iron” Ray Kejimura claiming they had hoodwinked NECW officials and they were competing in the tournament.

Even though they had never teamed in NECW before and hadn’t worked as a team in over a year, Da Hoodz had all their old tag team chemistry and handed their unusual opponents a loss.

In the second semi-final round, last year’s finalists, The Red Devil Fight Team drew former NECW Tag Team Champions, Matt & Bryan, The Logan Brothers.  In a fast-paced high impact battle, the Russian pairing put away the Logans to advance to the finals for the second time in a row,

In the second semi-final, The G3 Network squared off against Da Hoodz.  Despite attempted interference by Sammi Lane, Da Hoodz managed to outwit their opposition and take the fall putting them into the finals.

The final match in 2nd Annual NECW Tag Team Classic pit Da Hoodz against much larger and much more powerful Red Devil Fight Team.  While the Russians dominated their smaller opposition for much of the bout, Da Hoodz stayed in the fight until the Russians made a mistake and were surprised by a roll up by Pyro into a pinfall.  The Quincy crowd erupted as Da Hoodz captre the 2nd Annual NECW TAG TEAM CLASSIC and earn a shot later that night against the NECW Tag Team Champions, Rican Havoc.

In the main event for the NECW Tag Team Championship, Rican’ Havoc (“The Punisher” Don Vega & “That Freakin’ Rican” Jose Perez) faced Tag Classic winners, Da Hoodz (NECW Television Champion “The Heat” Kris Pyro & “The Hi-Lite” Davey Cash).  In a very competitive contest, Da Hoodz, having wrestled three tough matches earlier, didn’t have quite enough to take down the champions, Rican Havoc.  However, both teams gave each other their deserved respect and the crowd responded with a standing ovation for both teams.

NECW returns to live action in Quincy on Saturday night, October 2nd.