On this week’s edition of the ReGeneration Podcast, we go back before there was NECW to the days of NWA New England and the Century Wrestling Alliance with one of the promotion’s top stars, Knuckles Nelson.

Knuckles recently published a memoir under his real name, Brendan Higgins called “Waking Up: From the Wrestling Ring to the Yoga Mat.”

We discuss the book, which is a remarkable tale of self-discovery and redemption. We talk about breaking into wrestling, meeting Tony Rumble, the incredible accomplishments of the CWA/NWA New England, and our memories of the late, great “Boston Bad Boy” Tony Rumble.

In our bonus match, we go back to November 30, 2007, as Matt Spectro managed by Ryan Matthews battles “Nightmare” Nick Steel.

A fun and interesting episode, so check it out!

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