New Stars Shine as World Women’s Wrestling Makes A Return

New Stars Shine as World Women's Wrestling Makes A Return
New Stars Shine as World Women's Wrestling Makes A Return

After a near five year hiatus from stand alone events, New England Championship Wrestling brought World Women’s Wrestling back at the Cove Community Center in Beverly, MA, this past Sunday, November 22. It was a loud and enthusiastic crowd that saw an action-packed Triple W event.

In the opening match, Sumie Sakai teams with newcomer Deonna Purrazzo to battle the young team of Delmi and Ashley, Team Sea Stars.  All four were impressive, but in the end the veteran Sakai, along with the dynamic Deonna were too much for the young Sea Stars.

In a return grudge match, French Canadian beauty Eve returned to face Maximum Mecca.  When these two met in Hampstead, NH in October, the outside interference of Nikki Valentine tipped the scales in the controversial Mecca’s favor.  This time however, Eve was prepared and brought the fight to Mecca.  Just as Eve looked like she had the match won, Maximum Impact hit the ring and interfered causing the referee to rule the match a disqualification.  As the trio pummeled Eve, Triple W Champion, Mistress Belmont and Alexxis Nevaeh came out to chase Maximum Impact away.  It was a victory for Eve, though not a totally satisfying one.

In a battle of former Triple W Champions, Davienne, just back from a 3 month tour of Japan for Marvelous Pro Wrestling, took on the returning “Portuguese Princess” Ariel, coming back to active status after a five year break to start a family.  It was a fantastic battle between two top talents and the crowd ate up every second of it.  Ariel showed no signs of ring rust and Davienne had definitely added to her in ring prowess.  The ten minute time limit expired and both women asked promoter, Sheldon Goldberg if they could have 5 more minutes.  The request was granted and just before the five minutes was up a rolling cradle went back and forth with referee Kevin Quinn making a count with both women’s shoulders down.  Quinn called it for Davienne, but referee Jack Hill came out and said that it was Ariel who was the winner.  Promoter Sheldon Goldberg decided that the match would be declared a draw.

After intermission, two newcomers in The Snake Queen and Tequila Rose squared off.  The diminutive Snake Queen showed a lot of fire, as did Tequila Rose.  The action went back and forth until The Snake Queen caught Tequila Rose off guard with a big spear and she got the three count.  After the match, The Snake Queen showed why she carries as that name, as she went into a box and took out at huge snake that was bigger than she was.  This sent Tequila Rose heading for the safety of the dressing room.

Then, Miss Sammi Lane tried to settle a grudge with Toxis by making an open challenge to face an opponent of her choosing.  Toxis agreed and out came a woman announced as Miss Sammi Lane’s “new sister” Ramona Romano, who looked suspiciously like “Beautiful” Buddy Romano of The Glamour Express.  Romano used a chain to knock Toxis out and get a victory.

In the main event, for the first time ever, Triple W Champion, Mistress Belmont and former champion, Alexxis Nevaeh joined forces to battle Maximum Impact (Nikki Valentine and Vanity Vixsen) managed by Maximum Mecca.  This is a vicious battle that went back and forth.  Maximum Mecca was ejected by referee Barbara Mahoney for interfering in the match, but Maximum Impact still gave the opposition all they could handle.  Later in the match, Miss Sammi Lane, the manager of Mistress Belmont, came out, but an argument ensued between her and Alexxis Neveah, with Alexxis telling Lane to leave.  This gave Maximum Impact the chance to catch Alexxis off guard and she was attacked and pinned, giving the victory to Maximum Impact.  After the bell, they continued to beat on Alexxis, when Belmont came to the rescue of her partner.  After thing settled down. Alexxis and Belmont shook hands.

World Women’s Wrestling will return again in February at the Cove Community Center. Date and details to be announced.