NEW ENGLAND CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING is committed to giving back to the New England community by working with non-profit organizations, community groups, schools and individuals who are interested in promoting professional wrestling events as a fundraising vehicle.

NEW ENGLAND CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING is a unique and effective fundraiser. Your group can see great results with the help of eager people who are willing to participate in the fun of promoting professional wrestling in their community for a good cause.

NEW ENGLAND CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING presents a fan friendly, family friendly event that you will be pleased to be associated with.

We offer a variety options for groups of almost any size in using a live professional wrestling event to reach their fundraising goals. NECW offers a step-by-step, well-supported, easy to follow program to help you succeed. We will be happy to discuss all of the options and necessary requirements for NEW ENGLAND CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING to help raise money for your organization.

Please e-mail us, or send us a letter on your organization’s letterhead, for more information:

New England Championship Wrestling

P. O. Box 2371
Jamaica Plain, MA