A Fight for Alex

New England Championship Wrestling made a triumphant return to active operation on Saturday night, May 14 at Carver High School in Carver, MA for the 2nd annual “A FIGHT FOR ALEX” a benefit event for 4 year old Alex Wawrzyniak, a child suffering from a form of brain cancer.

Nearly 200 fans came out for what turned out to be a wild, fun and eventful night of NECW action.  Here is what took place:

Elia Markropoulis defeated Chase Del Monte

In the opening match of the evening, young Elia Markropoulis upset the returning Chase Del Monte, a former NECW Tag Team Champion.  Del Monte shocked the fans in attendance by wrestling a much more aggressive style.  Del Monte was in charge near the end of the match.  He picked up Markropoulis for a devastating suplex, when in an instant Elia reversed it and rolled a stunned Chase up for the victory.

World Women’s Wrestling Champion, Alexxis Navaeh defeated Mistress Belmont

These two are no strangers to each other and it showed, as they tore into each other with unmatched ferocity. Neveah won with a bridging guillotine to retain the World Women’s Wrestling Championship.

John Poe defeated Zanic

Poe absolutely destroyed Zanic in shocking fashion, finishing him with the F5. As Poe’s hand was raised a menacing figure darkened the entrance way. The 6’1 330lb “Demon From the Darkside,” Apocalypse, made his way to the ring.

John Poe defeated Apocalypse

The crowd looked on in awe at these two monster went nose to nose. Poe and Apocalypse proceeded to brawl through the ring, to the floor and back in before Poe caught Apocalypse with a surprising Bossman Slam for a quick 1-2-3. Poe to the surprise of many, left the ring to a heroes reaction

Pat’s Pit with Matt Taven

Pat ” The Brat” Piper conducted a Pat’s Pit welcoming the newest member of the NECW Roster, Matt Taven. Taven was very excited to finally make his debut and show the NECW fans everything he has to offer. Piper asked Taven how it felt to be wrestling someone he respected and has traveled with in former NECW Heavyweight Champion D.C. “Daddy Cat” Dillinger? Taven stated he was looking forward to it. Dillinger who has been one of the top fan favorites for the past 2 years shocked the crowd and the entire region, when he came out to confront Taven with none other than The Manager of Champions Sean Gorman by his side.  A stunned Taven prepared for the worst!!

Matt Taven defeated DC “Daddy Cat” Dillinger with Sean Gorman

The crowd was behind the upstart Taven throughout. The end saw Dillinger hold the ropes and get the win over Taven. But that was not the end. The crowd became riotous and informed referee George Richard that Dillinger held the ropes to get a cheap win. The referee went to the floor and asked guest of honor 4 year old Alex Wawryzniak if it was in fact true that Dillinger did hold the ropes. Little Alex stated he did and the referee reversed the decision, awarding the match to Matt Taven via DQ. Matt Taven then addressed the crowd and stated he knows they didn’t come to see Matt Taven win by DQ!! He wanted 5 more minutes. Dillinger agreed and jumped Taven to restart. He charged with a big boot, Taven ducked and schoolboyed D.C. for the three count. The crowd responded in a huge way for Taven’s debut and big win!! 

The Crown Jewels (“Mr. Fabulous” Tony Ulysses & Darling Damon) defeated Chris Neil & Taka Sazuki

The Crown Jewels entered to a loud chorus of boo’s. Chris Neil and Japanese sensation Taka Sazuki excited with a fast paced style that seemed to frustrate the veteran Jewels. Unfortunately Darling Damon & Mr Fabulous proved to be a little too much for the youngsters as the former NECW Tag Team Champions ended up with a big win.

Ring of Honor Champion “Diehard” Eddie Edwards defeated NECW Heavyweight Champion Brandon Locke by DQ

This match brought the house down! Locke was not happy with the reaction and threatened the crowd with walking out if they did not cheer for him. Edwards decided he had enough and proceeded to run out and grab Locke. On the way back to the ring, Edwards grabbed a water bottle and nailed Locke in the face with it. Fans started to hand Edwards water bottles and soda cans. Edwards made this the most interactive NECW Title Match in history as fans for nearly ten minutes handed Edwards multiple water bottles and soda cans to hit Locke with as they brawled through the packed bleachers. Fans were also holding Locke as Edwards chopped him at various points. Finally the match settled into the ring and Locke took over. Locke showed Edwards and the fans in attendance why he is the NECW Heavyweight Champion and willing to take on anyone in the world. The end saw Brandon Locke accidentally knock the referee down. He spun around and went to kick Edwards, but Edwards grabbed his foot and put him in an Achilles Lock. “The Rock God” Brett Adams made his presence felt by throwing the NECW Championship Belt into the ring. Edwards grabbed Adams. Locke nailed Edwards with the belt and it looked to be a sure win for Locke. The groggy ref counted 1…2….and Edwards got his shoulder up at the last second. The crowd was on their feet as Edwards made a big comeback. Edwards finally caught Locke in another Achilles Lock with Locke ready to tap out, Brett Adams jumped on Edwards causing a disqualification. Locke and Adams beat a hasty retreat as Edwards celebrated in the ring with the fans to end an exciting and unpredictable night of NECW action!!!

NECW returns to live action on Saturday, June 25 with a 4 PM bell time on the outdoor patio at Michael’s Pub in Tyngsboro, MA for the debut of BAR WARS, presented by Scorch’s PFG-TV and Beantown Energy Drink.

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Photos: Wicked Local photo/David Morrison