“The Masshole” Mike McCarthy Wins The NECW Heavyweight Championship in an Epic Main Event! Complete BASH 15 Results Including Major Announcements!

"The Masshole" Mike McCarthy Wins The NECW Heavyweight Championship in an Epic Main Event! Complete BASH 15 Results Including Major Announcements!
"The Masshole" Mike McCarthy Wins The NECW Heavyweight Championship in an Epic Main Event! Complete BASH 15 Results Including Major Announcements!

New England Championship Wrestling celebrated it’s 15th anniversary in front of a big crowd this past Saturday night at the Everett Rec Center in Everett, MA.  BASH 15 was an event that celebrated the company’s history, spotlighted it’s current roster and sprinkled in some stars from outside the region – even outside the country – as well as some surprises and a couple of major company announcements.

Results from NECW’s BASH 15:

NECW Retro Challenge Match: current roster star “The Mind Eraser” Mike Graca defeated a returning former NECW TV & Tag Team Champion in “The Heat” Kris Pyro in an outstanding action packed match.

NECW promoter Sheldon Goldberg came out to a huge welcome by the fans in attendance.  Goldberg made two major announcements:  First, that the company was returning to broadcast TV in January in it’s old time slot on COZI TV in Boston, as well as on MeTV New York, which covers most of Western Connecticut.  He also talked about how one of the things that set NECW apart over the years was its promotion of women’s wrestling and it was bringing back it’s World Women’s Wrestling brand with stand alone Triple W events, beginning Sunday, November 22 at the Cove Community Center in Beverly, MA.  Goldberg then presented NECW Legend Awards to two women who were instrumental in the launch of the World Women’s Wrestling brand back in 2005 – former NECW Women’s Champion, Violet Flame and former World Women’s Wrestling Champion, “The Portuguese Princess” Ariel.

Jacob with Mr, Tony Ulysses handed “The Firework” Foxx Vinyer, who was without his valet, Rahlynn St. Gregory, his first defeat due to the interference of Ulysses.

Ring announcer, Chris Norman called Mr. Tony Ulysses back out to present the NECW Legend Award to former NECW Tag Team Champion, one half of The Crown Jewels, Darling Damon.  Damon made an emotional speech thanking NECW, the fans, Tony Ulysses and his former tag team partner, Jason Rumble.

Next up, in a tag team challenge match, The Glamour Express outsmarted the debuting Heavy Hitters to get the win.  After the match, The Glamour Express complained about the NECW Tag Team Championship being held up and demanded that promoter Sheldon Goldberg come out and declare them the champions.  They said they were not only the greatest tag team in NECW, but the greatest tag team in NECW history.  Goldberg then said that they might be good, but they weren’t the greatest tag team in NECW history.  He said the greatest tag team in NECW history was behind the curtain he asked them to come out.  Sabotage – D.C. Dillinger, Eddie Edwards (current TNA Tag Team Champion and former ROH World Champion) along with their manager, Sean Gorman stormed the ring and sent The Glamour Express packing.  Goldberg presented the trio with NECW Legend Awards.  Gorman announced that this was his last appearance in a wrestling ring, while Dillinger and Edwards thanked the company.

In a special International Open Challenge, German star, Juvenile X, champion for New European Championship Wrestling run by former WCW star, Alex Wright came out challenging anyone from NECW to face him and former 3 time NECW Tag Team Champion, Nick Farenheight came through the curtain.  Juvenile X displayed a lot of skill and a vicious demeanor as he defeated Farenheight in a hard fought battle.  After the match Juvenile X complained that he had come all the way from Germany and he wanted to face some real competition.  Music hit and the 7 foot Giant Pharaoh came out, making his return after a year long absence.  He introduced himself to Juvenile X and said that if he wanted competition, he was happy to give it.  Juvenile X looked defiant and Pharaoh tried for the chokeslam, but Juvenile X escaped and left the area.

It was then time for the World Women’s Wrestling Championship Match – a first-ever Last Woman Standing Match – between champion Mistress Belmont and former champion, Alexxis Nevaeh, continuing their long running feud which has seen them face each other in all kinds of matches.  Both women beat on each other like crazy and were going back and forth until newcomer, Maximum Mecca came out and grabbed the microphone away from ring announcer, Chris Norman.  She said, this was the same two women who wrestled each other at BASH 5 years ago and that with World Women’s Wrestling coming back, the last thing it needed was two old timers hogging the top spot and not giving anyone else a chance.  At that point, Vanity Vixsen and Nikki Valentine attacked both women, with Mecca joining in.  They delivered a serious beating to both Belmont and Alexxis and left both laying.  Both women had to be helped to the back.

After intermission, Mid-Atlantic star. Beau Crockett debuted facing Dan Terry, who was accompanied by former NECW Television Champion, Beau Douglas.  Douglas got the mic and told Crockett that he was the only Beau in NECW and he was going to be in Dan Terry’s corner to make sure it would stay that way.  Crockett got the solid win after Douglas’ attempt to interfere backfired.

Todeo Loco regained the NECW Television Championship making him a 3 time TV Champion, defeating “Sensational” Scott Levesque.  In this match, Levesque’s manager, Miss Sammi Lane was to be handcuffed to Toxis at ringside.  Sammi protested to NECW General Manager, Paul Richard and he agreed to allow each women to be handcuffed to opposite ringposts.  Somehow, Levesque managed to get his hands on an extra key, which he had hidden in his boot.  He released Sammi Lane. Which infuriated Toxis so much, she broke the handcuffs with her bare hands and chased Miss Sammi away from the ring.

In a fantastic action packed tag team match up, Jack Maveriock and “Pure Talent” Chris Escobar defeated “The Canadian Giant” Genesis and Damien Wayne.  Nothing was settled in this match up for Genesis as Maverick caught him for the pin.

Finally, in an epic main event, a triple threat elimination match for the NECW Heavyweight Championship, “The Masshole” Mike McCarthy became the new champion in one of the greatest main event bouts in company history.  Now former champion, Slyck Wagner Brown was eliminated first, having been injured by former champion Brad Hollister, who displayed an all out viciousness that shocked the fans in attendance.  McCarthjy and Hollister then had a hellacious back and forth battle with McCarthy finally catching Hollister in a submission and Hollister tapped giving McCarthy the win and championship.

The next NECW live event will be Saturday night, October 10 at The Phan Zone, 142 NH 111, Hampstead, NH.  In the main event, new NECW Heavyweight Champion, “The Masshole” Mike McCarthy defends against “Pure Talent” Chrsi Escobar, Slyck Wagner Brown takes on Brad Hollister in a return grudge match and much, much more.