NECW’s ReGeneration Podcast – Episode 4: The Origin of World Women’s Wrestling

NECW's ReGeneration Podcast - Episode 4: The Origin of World Women's Wrestling

In this edition of NECW’s ReGeneration Podcast, we take a look at the origin and history of World Women’s Wrestling through two of the matches in the 20th Anniversary Collection.

First up is an all-time classic, groundbreaking for its time, Mistress Belmont defending the WWW Championship vs. Alexxis Neveah inside a steel cage! [Watch it here]

From there we take a look back at another classic – “The Ballroom Blitz” – a tuxedo vs. evening gown match between Sean Gorman and Nikki Roxx.  We even have a bonus video of the angle leading up to the match.  [Watch it here]

We discuss how and why World Women’s Wrestling came to be.  The challenges presented by its early success and the obstacles faced along the way, as well as inside stories about the talent and much more!