NECW’s ReGeneration Podcast – Episode 10: Seeing Stars in NECW

NECW's ReGeneration Podcast - Episode 10: Seeing Stars in NECW

On this week’s edition of the NECW ReGeneration Podcast, we wrap up our review of the matches in the NECW 20th Anniversary Collection with reviews of the final two matches in the series.

Claudio Castignoli (WWE’s Cesaro) battles Pepper Parks (AEW’s The Blade) in a first round match in a tournament to crown a new NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion.

“The Portuguese Princess” Ariel & Sammi Lane take on the team of Ivy & Mercedes (the future Sasha Banks in her 1st professional match)

Our bonus match, which is embedded in the video is the debut appearance of Darling Damon in NECW as he takes on future NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Kahagas.

Plus we give you the inside scoop on all these matches and our thoughts on the entire 20th Anniversary Collection – what it means and what it says about NECW and it’s place in professional wrestling.

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