New England Championship Wrestling returned to live action in front of a sold out Millerville Men’s Club in Blackstone, MA this past Friday night, September 14th for FALL IN FOR GLORY.

In the opening bout, former World Women’s Wrestling Champion, Mistress Belmont returned to action facing off against Luscious Latasha. Belmontexhibited an even wilder and more vicious style than she has previously exhibited and went after Latasha with a vengeance.   After being beaten on relentlessly by Belmont, Latasha mounted a comeback, but got cut off by the maniacal Belmont.  Latsha rallied again and the match broke down into all out mayhem between the two forcing the referee to call for a double disqualification.  The brawl continued after until the two were separated by officials and order was restored.

Blackstone’s local hero Tank The Tank and “The Boston Bad Boy” Jason Rumble were introduced to a huge ovation from the fans in attendance.  Jason talked about how they were looking forward to getting some payback on The Crown Jewels.  The last time NECW came to Blackstone, Tank and Rumble managed to get the victory, but were attacked and left laying by the flamboyant duo.  Tank talked about how his home town was going to make history again because a new NECW Heavyweight Champion would be crowned that night and he was going to keep a close eye on the action.

In the first semi-final match of the 4 man tournament to crown a new NECW Heavyweight Champion, Sean Burke squared off against Johnny Thunder.  In a solid back and forth outing, Thunder got the 1-2-3 with his feet on the ropes.  At this point, Tank The Tank came to ringside to inform the referee that Thunder cheated.  The fans backed up Tank’s account and the referee called for the match to be restarted.  Thunder, outraged by the referee’s decision, proceeded to argue with both Tank and the referee who had already called for the bell.  Burke, seeing Thunder distracted by Tank, got behind him, rolled him up and got the pinfall victory and advanced to the final match.

In the second semi-final, Chase Del Monte, the ranked number one contender, took on Canadian star Jeremy Prophet, substituting for “The Real Deal” Brandon Locke, who had to miss the event due to a family matter.  Prophet seized the opportunity, dazzling the crowd and giving Del Monte all he could handle.  Frustrated by the poised attack of Prophet, Del Monte tried to bring the ring bell into the ring to use as a weapon, but was forced to drop it next to the ring.  As the battle raged on, Del Monte finally got Prophet down in the ropes and managed to strike him over the head with the ring bell out of sight of the official and collected a pinfall victory to advance to the final match.

After intermission, Del Monte and Burke collided with the NECW Heavyweight Championship going to the winner.  Both men tore into each other fiercely fighting for the title.  Del Monte seemed to be gaining the upper hand when Jeremy Prophet came down to ringside and began to argue with Del Monte.  Prophet got up on the apron and kicked Del Monte in the head, staggering him back.  Burke, who had the chance to come around after the confrontation with Chase and Prophet, caught his opponent off guard hitting the sit out powerbomb for the pinfall and the championship victory.

In the final match of the night, Tank The Tank and “The Boston Bad Boy” Jason Rumble battled The Crown Jewels (Elia Markopoulos and “Playboy” Jimmy James) managed by “Mr. Fabulous” Tony Ulysses.  The Jewels appeared headed toward victory, but Rumble and Tank made a comeback and just when it looked like Tank would score the pin on Elia, Johnny Thunder ran in and attacked Tank breaking up the fall.  The referee called for the disqualification, but The Jewels and Thunder along with Mr. Fabulous continued their attack until the new NECW Heavyweight Champion, Sean Burke ran out to even the odds and back up Thunder and The Jewels to the roaring delight of the Blackstone fans.  Rumble, Tank and Burke made the challenge to Thunder and The Jewels for a 6 man tag team match when NECW returns to Blackstone on Friday night, December 7th.

NECW returns to live action on Friday night, November 2nd, making its debut at the Knights of Columbus in Randolph, MA.