New England Championship Wrestling debuted at the Knights of Columbus in Randolph, MA on Friday night, November 2, 2012 for FULL TILT.

In the opening bout, Scotty Slade made his return to NECW action taking on Nick Farenheight in a very competitive bout that saw each man have an advantage at different times. Farenheight hit his head on the ring post after being whipped into the corner face first by Slade. Slade, looking surprised, took advantage for the pinfall victory.

NECW SONIC BOOM host, Al Basler, came to the ring to interview Johnny Thunder.  Thunder told Basler that he should be the champion and Sean Burke should be the challenger and if it wasn’t for Tank The Tank, he’d be wearing the belt now.  Basler told Thunder that it was funny he mentioned Tank, because Tank requested that he come out and confront Johnny Thunder. Tank told Thunder that here was going to keep an eye out on Thunder, so he wouldn’t try to cheat his way into the NECW Heavyweight Championship. Thunder replied that if he didn’t have a championship match later on, he’d be beating Tank up right now.  Tank and Thunder get heated with each other before breaking it up.

Jeremy Prophet scored an impressive victory over the up and coming “Shure Thing” Mark Shurman

The Crown Jewels (Elia Markopoulos & “Playboy” Jimmy James) with “Mr. Fabulous” Tony Ulysses took on “The Boston Bad Boy” Jason Rumble and Tank The Tank in a wild battle that saw the fans in attendance going crazy. The Jewels dominated most of the way. With Jason down on the outside, Tank was double-teamed for the pinfall and a victory for The Crown Jewels. After the match was over, The Crown Jewels continued to double team Tank and Johnny Thunder came out to join in. Sean Burke came out to even the odds and to send The Jewels and Burke to the back.

From there, it was the return grudge match between Mistress Belmont and Luscious Latasha. It started out as another knock down, drag out battle with both women going at each other fiercely. During the match, a gift-wrapped package was delivered to ringside.  With Latasha down in the corner,Belmontspotted the package and tore it open to reveal a cat-o’-nine-tails (a whip). She immediately went into a frenzy, whipping Latasha and choking her with the whip until the referee called for the disqualification and declared Luscious Latasha the winner.

In the main event, it was Sean Burke making his first defense of the NECW Heavyweight Championship, taking on Johnny Thunder. The match saw Burke dominating early, but was continually frustrated by Thunder bailing out whenever he gained a real advantage. Thunder worked over the knee on Burke and slowed the champion down. Thunder displayed his experience advantage over the champion, but with Burke and the referee down, Thunder grabbed the championship belt and went to knock out the champion. This brought out Tank The Tank, who pulled Thunder out and prevented him for scoring a pinfall. The two argued on the outside and Thuder proceeded to clock Tank full on with the belt, knocking him out cold. Sean Burke came out of the ring to the aid of his friend and called for help from the back. In the meantime, the referee stated counting and Burke was counted out. Thunder was declared the winner, but not the champion, as the title can only change hands on a pinfall or submission. The referee grabbed the belt away from Thunder bringing Sean Burke back into the ring.  Burke then went after Thunder setting him up for the sit-out powerbomb.  Thunder rolled out and made a hasty retreat leaving Burke standing tall at the end of the night.

NECW returns to live action with a big weekend of events, Friday night, December 7th in Blackstone, MA and Saturday night, December 8th in Bridgewater, MA.

Photo: Dave Rodrigues