A huge week of New England Championship Wrestling, as aired on Boston’s WMFP TV Channel 62 is now available for online and on demand viewing on YouTube.

Two weeks ago, we tried to bring it to you, but due to the extremely violent content in portions of the match up, the footage and edit needed to be cleared by TV executives. This week, we finally have it!

It will go down in NECW history as one of the greatest title matches ever – the battle for the NECW Television Championship between champion “The Masshole” Mike McCarthy and former champion Todo Loco in a 2 out of 2 falls showdown held under “Loco Rules.”

The first fall must be decided by pinfall, the second fall by submission only, and – should a third fall be necessary, it would be contested with no rules and anything goes.

There are twists and turns, technical excellence and out and out violence – a match up with everything and a match that NECW fans are still buzzing about and will be for some time to come!